Group Of Male Golfers Teeing Off On Golf Course

The Game Of Golf

The game of Golf has been around since 1299; the Dutch played a game with leather balls and “sticks” seeing which person could hit a target 100 yards away with the fewest strokes. Sounding familiar?

Golf today is commonly thought of as a Scottish invention, and the playing of eighteen holes clearly came from Scotland. Documented words about golf appeared in the 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament. Being one of the most popular sports, Golf is quite easy to take up and can be easily learned from a friend’s advice or that of a professional golf instructor. Of course one cannot be an excellent golfer without hours and hours of practice.

One of your first stops might be a driving range where you can practice hitting balls to your heart’s content. Or you may hire a pro who can cover basics such as grip, stance, and posture. But do rely on a pro to help you with your swing mechanics. Perhaps you might consider purchasing a used set of golf clubs for your lessons; usually a few clubs will suffice, initially. A good rule of thumb is that an entire set is not required to learn rather, a partial set will be quite useful. Strive to include a three wood, a number five, seven, and nine irons, pitching and sand wedges and a putter for beginning use. And of course you will need golf balls.

There are many brands. but you find most golfers swear by a specific brand as the best. You will need tees on which to perch you ball to hit, golf gloves which oddly are bought for the non-dominant hand. Then of course you will need a golf bag for toting your clubs, golf shoes to give you proper traction on grassy fairways, divot tools for repairing holes your club makes, a golf towel for drying hands. The list goes on for a good while, which is why those who take up the sport are usually well-off.

Actual rules of the game are many. You might want to get the book of golf etiquette from the USGA website. Learn the basics of golf manners; a pro can teach you how to stand over or “address” the ball, how to grip the club, and spruce up your driving and putting. Visit a nine-hole course for you first golfing trip.

For those wanting to take up the sport it’s best to remember that all cannot be learned in one day or even one year. There is even new lingo such as birdies, bogies, eagles and pars which must be learned. Rule one is just have fun and enjoy yourself!